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All the reading and writing activities below are linked to the story Rapunzel. Enjoy!



  • Watch the Rapunzel story PowerPoint or another version of your choice. 
  • Act out the story using actions just like we do in class. 


Rapunzel Story | Bedtime Stories | English Fairy Tales | TinyDreams



  • Act out the story using actions (just like yesterday)
  • Create your own Rapunzel story map using pictures and key words 
  • Use the word map for help with spellings and key characters 



  • Complete your Rapunzel story map from yesterday
  • Act out the story using actions (just like yesterday)



  • Retell the story of Rapunzel using your story map for support - retell the story in the past tense 
  • Focus on writing the beginning and the middle of your story 
  • Use the success criteria sheet for support - try and include all the listed features




  • Complete the ending of your story and then check back though your work for any corrections or improvements 
  • Ask an adult to help you check back through your work

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Have you run out of school reading books? If so, follow the link below and get your parents to register for free e-books linked to the book band colour you are reading:


Read Write Inc.

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