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Week beginning – 15th June


Hope you all had a good weekend!

Your outline of work for the week is below.


Monday - Quiz & Read speech

Synonyms & antonyms quiz -


Re-read your speech & do any editing you think is necessary.


Tuesday – Homophones & homonyms.

Worksheet on homophones & homonyms.

Homophones video to help -

Homonyms video to support -


Wednesday – Superlative & comparative adjectives

Video to support -

Worksheet on comparative & superlative adjectives.


Thursday – Underneath

You need to look at the picture & read the story starter. You then need to answer the questions based on the picture.


Friday – Underneath

Re-read the story starter.

Continue writing the story, maximum a page & a half. If you want to share your story with us, please do!