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English - Daily Activities.

Monday 18th January

  • What is an adjective?
  • Watch the Powerpoint below.
  • Complete The Explorers activity on adjectives (Sheet in your English book). WALT - understand and use adjectives.

What is an adjective? A Powerpoint to help you understand.

Tuesday 19th January

  • Using the story map it's time for you to create and write your own Penguin story. Remember to add some illustrations and colour them in (Your story map is in your book). WALT - write our own story.

Wednesday 20th January

  • Draw and colour your own Penguin. WALT - draw a Penguin.
  • Colour and play the hide-and-seek game.
  • (All of the sheets are in your book ready to help you).

Thursday 21st January

We have come to the end of our work on The Runaway Iceburg. 

  • Finish off any work that you've not had time to complete.
  • If you've done this, in your book you'll find some pictures for you to colour. Also in your book I'd like you to write me two sentences about the book. It might be what you liked, found funny or you didn't like. Remember capital letters and full stops.          WALT - write our own opinions about a book

Friday 22nd January

  • Today, I would like you to write in your book and tell me about all the things that you have been doing at home over the last two weeks. What can you remember? Try this activity by yourself. Remember to write in full sentences and use your capital letters at the beginning of each sentence and a full stop at the end. WALT - independently recall what we have been doing at home. Remember, I know what school work you've done, so tell me what else you've been up to eg walks, baking, tv.