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English - Daily Activities

English We Are All Different. W/B 22nd February

This week are looking at a new book.
The book for you to read is too big to upload. You have a copy in your paper pack. Alternatively, you could just mute the PowerPoint above and read it from this.

Monday 22nd February

  • Read the book.
  • Listen to the story.
  • Over the week you have an Express Yourself Challenge to complete everyday. Today you need to draw a picture of yourself and write 5 words that describe how you’re feeling.
  • How well do you know yourself? Complete the booklet all about me.

WALT- Undertand how we feel about ourselves.

Tuesday 23rd February

  • Express Yourself - Challenge 2

Put some music on and draw how it makes you feel. You could also create a little dance routine to the music.

  • Use the we are all different discussion cards to find out more about yourself. You could ask your grown up some of the questions.
  • Write words and sentences to complete ‘Me and My Friend’. You could either contact a friend or ask the grown up at home.

WALT – Understand our feelings and that we are all different.

Wednesday 24th February

  • Read or Listen to the book.
  • Express Yourself – Challenge 3

Today is about relaxing. Can you think of a place in your imagination that makes you feel calm and relaxed? Also, in your house can you find some places to relax.

  • Look at the Self – Portrait PowerPoint
  • Look at How to draw a Self-Portrait. Have a go at drawing yourself.

WALT – Relax and Draw a Self-Portrait.

Thursday 25th February

  • Express Yourself – Challenge 4  Draw a picture of all the different facial expressions you can make.
  • Watch the PowerPoint What makes you special?
  • Complete the ‘I am Special Poem’

WALT – Use adjectives about ourselves to write a poem.

Friday 26th February

  • Read or listen to the book.
  • Express Yourself - Challenge 5  Take photographs or draw the things that make you happy.
  • Make Fun Pizza Faces (Recipe included)
  • We are all Different -Colourful Semantics- Cut up the words to make sentences. Or use the words to write your own sentences.