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English Daily Activities

Below you will find your daily English activities. Remember to write the date and the WALT in your books. As always if you complete the work, remember to click on the other links SPAG and Words to learn to read and write folder to practise these.


Parents - WALT means We are learning to.....


Monday 11th January

  • Have a listen to the story again or try reading it yourself.
  • Have a look through the Powerpoint again (Link below) 
  • Label the picture of the Penguin. (sheet is in your book)
  • WALT- identify the features of a Penguin.

Tuesday 12th January

  • Look through the Life Cycle of a Penguin Powerpoint (Link below).
  • Complete the two life Cycle activities that are in your book.

Wednesday 13th January


  • Read The Runaway Iceburg
  • Today I would like you to write some words and sentences to describe ice. Maybe if you have ice-cubes in your freezer at home, you could hold one.
  • WALT-Use adjectives to write a list of words and some sentences to describe ice. Remember your CAPITAL letters and full stops!


If you need help. Have a look at the document below.

Thursday 14th January

  • Read The Runaway Iceburg and see how many of the Comprehension questions you can complete. The sheets are in your English book.

Friday 15th January

  • How well do you remember the story? It's time to cut and stick the story in the correct sequence. The sheets are in your English book.
Thank you for all of your hard work. It's lovely to see your photographs of the work that you've completed. Have a great weekend! laugh