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F1 Hedgehogs 🦔

  WEEK 1

   Hi Hedgehogs

  We hope you are all keeping safe and remembering to keep washing your hands at home.


  Mrs Anstey and I have made you a little pack for home learning which you can use at home and we will be looking at Tapestry everyday to see what you have been up to. Please keep sending us photos and news on Tapestry.

In the Read, Write inc. briefcase on this page there is information for your grown-ups to help you at home. There is a super little girl called Sylvie who is showing you exactly how to say the letter sounds the way we teach you at school. We have put a sheet in your book bags to help you with this too. You could even post us a Tapestry video of you doing this at home!

We have put lots of sharing books in your book bags for you to enjoy at home too.


Looking forward to finding out what you are all busy doing!

Love Mrs Good



  WEEK 2



 Hi Hedgehogs and families

Mrs Anstey and I have loved looking at Tapestry over the past week. You have all been so busy painting, baking, playing in the garden, riding bikes and working with your families. 

Although we are missing everyone, we must stay safe at this time.

Over the next week, please keep posting what you have been up to on Tapestry. 


Below are five Tapestry Tasks we would like you to try over the next week!





 1- Make a sandwich with your favourite filling in. Use a knife carefully to cut the bread up into triangle shapes. Use these to have a teddy bears picnic, but don't let your teddy eat them all! 

 2- Colour in a picture really carefully without going over the edges. Try and use the correct colour for each part of the picture. For example - leaves on the trees must be green not purple etc.

 3- Go on a number hunt around your house and see how many you can see! Which numbers can you see? Which room has most numbers in?

 4- Play a game of hide and seek. If it is raining - hide a toy in the house for each other to find ! 

 5- Have a play bath. Fill your bath up with bubbly water and take in some plastic bowls, cups and bottles from your kitchen cupboards. Get in the bath and pretend you are in a cafe making food for the customers!




 Over the Easter holidays Hedgehogs, please can you learn a new song or nursery rhyme and ask your grown-up to record you singing this. Please could the grown-ups then post this on Tapestry? We are really looking forward to some superb performances as we know what wonderful singers you are!



  Good morning Hedgehogs!

  We hope you have had a lovely Easter holidays with your family and that the Easter bunny still managed to find you! We are looking everyday at Tapestry to see who completed the Easter holiday challenge and became a singing Hedgehog!


We have set you a new set of Tapestry challenges to keep everyone happy and busy together at home.

It is so wonderful to see what you are up to when you post on Tapestry and Mrs Anstey and I really look forward to checking into see what you have been making and playing whilst you are not with us.


 Tapestry Challenges for April 20th

 1. Have a disco in your house. Choose your favourite music, put on your disco clothes and dance yourself dizzy! Make sure that your family join in too! You could even post a video of your best moves on Tapestry!

2. Go on a Spring walk and see what you can see in the natural world to show us that Spring has sprung. Please take photos and add them to your Tapestry page.

3. Help your grown-ups by doing the washing and drying up for one whole day. Make sure those pots are really clean by adding lots of bubbles to your bowl and scrubbing really hard but be careful not to drop any pots ! 

4. Go outside and pick up lots of natural items like feathers, sticks and pebbles or anything else and use these to make a collage picture. Please post your pictures on Tapestry so we can see how wonderful they are!

5. Go on Edinburgh Zoo LIVE webcam and have a look at all the wonderful animals and what they are up to when they think nobodys is watching them! You could them find out some facts about your favourite animal and post these on Tapestry for us to see!


Enjoy these special days and times together and please share them with us on Tapestry so we can enjoy them too. We are really missing you all so much.

Love Mrs Good and Mrs Anstey

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Hello Hedgehogs
It is nearly the summer holidays and the end of the strangest year I have ever had as a teacher - a school without many children in!
I have missed you all so much and didn't think we would be away from each other for so long.
I am looking forward to seeing you all again in September. Some of you will be coming into Foundation 2 with me and we will become Caterpillars or Ladybirds, and some of you will be staying in Hedgehogs and Miss Laskey will be joining you. Some of our children will finally get to start school as they should have started after Easter but have had to wait a long time.
Over the holidays, please could you make a ladybird if you are joining the Ladybird class, a Caterpillar if you will become a caterpillar and for the hedgehogs, please could you make a hedgehog. These can be made out of anything and we would like you to bring these to your new class and teacher on your first day in September.
Stay safe my little hedgehogs and I will see you all in September 
Love Mrs Good 



Useful Websites...


Keeping Active:

Live P.E sessions with Joe Wicks - 9am Monday - Friday on YouTube. A perfect opportunity for children to “get active, bounce around and have fun” with the whole family! 

Go Noodle - Home to some of our favourite songs & dances! Let me know if you discover a new favourite!!

Cosmic Kids Yoga - Popular children’s stories told through Yoga (YouTube) - there’s even one for The Very Hungry Caterpillar!



Read Write Inc - You can now find daily Read Write Inc sessions on YouTube!! A new video will be released every day!

Set 1 Sounds - 9:30am

Set 2 Sounds - 10am

**Each video will only be available for 24 hours!**   


Phonics Play - currently offering free access for parents! Lots of phonics games available.

Username: march20

Password: home



Once Upon  a Picture - A great literacy resource for promoting spoken language, imagination, questioning and storytelling!

Click on a picture to find activities/ questions inspired by it! 



Topmarks - A range of maths games available focusing on counting, numbers and sequencing!



Harold – our happy, healthy giraffe mascot and a favourite with the children – will be posting a daily blog: Harold’s Daily Diary!

Each day he’ll be giving children positive, fun messages about what he’s doing to stay happy and healthy while he’s off school, separated from his friends. He’ll invite the children to join in with activities he’s doing.