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F2 Ladybirds 🐞

Hi Ladybirds! 


I hope you are all ok and you are enjoying the recent sunshine in your gardens! 


We have sent you home with some reading books and a little pack of tapestry challenges for this week. Each day we would like you to complete one Maths, one Literacy and one fun family challenge! Please upload photos/videos of you completing these activities to Tapestry - I will be excited to see what you’ve been getting up to at home! 


I would also love to see some of the other fun things you get up to too! Remember, although it is important to keep trying your best and complete learning tasks it's also very important that you enjoy family time and do lots of lovely additional activities such as jigsaws, colouring, sitting in the garden, baking, board games and sharing stories.


Stay safe and keep washing those hands! 

I look forward to seeing you all soon! 

Mrs Brewster xx 



Parents, please do not hesitate to contact me should you need help uploading to tapestry or with any questions or issues you wish to discuss - I want to support you in any way I can during these crazy times!

I am only an email away! ☺️


Please keep checking in regularly - as of next week our daily tapestry challenges will be posted on this page! Any useful apps, websites and resources I find to help support learning from home, I will also list below!


Thank you for your support x


Home Learning week 1

Home Learning Week 2

Week 2 Home Learning Tasks!

Please post the activities onto Tapestry using the + symbol in the corner of the app.

Daily Tapestry Challenges
Day 1:
MathsPractise counting in two`s - use pairs of socks, gloves, shoes & wellies to help you!                        

Literacy – Create a `Stay safe` / `Thank you` poster for your window to help make people smile.
Family time – Have a dance! Lots of fun dances on  

Day 2:
Maths – Make your own snakes and ladders board game to play with your family!
Literacy – Tricky Words – practise reading & writing: the, to, I, of, she, we, he, said, was.
Family time – Create an assault course in the garden & time yourself/ races down your road!

Day 3:
Maths – Measure the height of your beanstalk and write the total – how tall is it now?
Literacy – Write a letter to a relative or friend to make them feel happy!
Family Time- Can you replant your beanstalk in your garden?

Day 4:
Maths – Bake something yummy – focus on weighing ingredients/ reading numbers on the scales & setting a timer for your oven.
Literacy – Once Upon a Picture – Follow the link..., click `The Collections` - choose a picture(s), discuss the questions and write the answers if you can!
Family Time Time for some family Karaoke – what`s your favourite song to sing?

Day 5:
Maths – Create some patterns using outdoor, natural materials e.g. stick, leaf, stick, leaf…
Literacy – Draw the flowers in your garden & label the parts of the flower e.g. stem, petal, root
Family Time – Box modelling – what can you make? Be as creative as you can!

J Please continue to read every day and fill in your reading diary as usual J

If you are having problems with Tapestry or need support with any of the activities, you can contact us (Miss Laskey and Mrs Brewster) via email and we will reply between 9am and 4pm.      Miss Laskey email –                                                                       Mrs Brewster email –

Please continue to keep an eye on the ‘Home Learning’ section of the John Hunt website. To find this go onto go onto ‘Children’ ‘Home Learning Page’ and then Ladybirds and Caterpillars.

Many thanks,                                                                                                                      F2 Team J x

Easter Challenges

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