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Foundation 1

 Welcome to Foundation 1.

We are the Diamonds!


In John Hunt Foundation Stage you will find a gang of grown-ups who love working with, playing alongside and caring for the younger children in our school. Mrs Good is the Foundation 1 teacher and works alongside Mrs Anstey, Mrs William, Mrs Sellers, the Teaching Assistants and Mrs Starbuck and Mrs Bruce, the Care Assistants. Mrs Coggan joins us on a Tuesday and Mrs Black on a Wednesday.


Each child is special to us and we endeavour to guide  and nurture them, offering a happy, safe and stimulating environment where they will flourish and be the best they can be.


Whatever it is, we enjoy rolling up our sleeves and getting stuck in. You may find us planting golden daffodils, creating perfect pizzas, counting conkers we have gathered or writing letters in the air with our bottoms!


We are a purpose built Foundation Stage Unit with four interlocking indoor areas as well as our own outdoor learning zone and field! We cater for our youngest children who are 3years old and attend part time as well as our full time older children who are 5.




Easter Craft Day in Foundation 1

Our Foundation Easter Craft Day will be on Tuesday 22nd March.

Please come and join your child.

We will have feathers, fluff and lots and lots of FUN !

Morning session crafts will begin at 10.00.

Afternoon session crafts will begin at 2.00.

Looking forward to seeing you then!

   Cheep cheep cheep!!

 This week, we have watched in delight as 16 fluffy golden and yellow chicks have hatched in our incubator! We have been watching the eggs and couldn't believe what we saw on Wednesday morning when we came to school, 2 perfect little chicks !

During the day, we watched the other 14 hatch! The children were absolutely memorised and the language they used and the expressions on their faces was a complete delight to witness! They have been caring for them really well and look forward to holding them, feeding them and even cleaning them out!





We celebrated 'World Book Day' by coming to school dressed as a book character. Mrs Good came as the witch with a long ginger plait from Julia Donaldson's story, 'Room on the Broom'. Mrs Williams was Little Red Riding Hood, Mrs Sellers was The Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland and   Mrs Anstey was Mog the cat from Jan Pienkowski's books. The children looked wonderful and really loved sharing their favourite stories from home with everyone.



Easter Bonnets. Thank you to everyone who helped provide these; the children thoroughly enjoyed showing them off.

   Spring Term in Foundation 1


   Spring term newsletter 

Dear Parents/Carers


We are delighted to have Jake, Shaniya, Olly, Oliver, Taya, Billy, Tilly, Lexie, Maison, Shea, Riley, Archie, and Evie  join us in Foundation 1.

Welcome aboard! This new year, we also start with a fresh staff team in Foundation 1.  Mrs Good will continue to be the teacher in F1 supported by Mrs Coggan. Mrs Williams (Tazzyman) will be joining Mrs Anstey in the morning and Mrs Sellers and Mrs Bruce will be joining us in the afternoon. Mrs Sewell is moving into Key Stage 1 to support them. We know they will love having her with them and we will all miss her!

Over the Spring Term we will learn about different types of transport. We will be reading traditional fairy tales such as Snow White and modern day classics like The Gruffalo. You can help at home by singing Nursery Rhymes and sharing traditional stories with your child.

Our Imaginative Play areas for this term are a home, a garage, and a Gruffalo Cave. If you have any resources to enhance these areas please send them in, we particularly need stuff for the garage such as old bike tyres, tools, nuts and bolts!  Hopefully, we will be able to visit a local garage to find out more about the work they do. We are also looking for any parents who work in any of these areas in real life to come in and talk to us. Please let us know if you can!

Later in the term, we will be encouraging the children to ‘ride’ to school on a wheeled vehicle. We will then be painting and drawing these, looking at how they work and sharing them with one another! More information about this event to follow!

To develop the children’s Understanding of the World will be investigating Winter during the first few weeks of term and are going to find out about ‘Cold Foods’. If the children find any labels or wrappers from foods in the fridge or freezer, please encourage them to bring them into school.

When it snows we will be out there - rolling in it, building snowmen and sledging. So please watch the weather forecast and ensure that your child is suitably dressed on those days so that we can really experience the essence of winter.

As the weather becomes colder we will be caring for our feathered friends. The children will be making treats for the birds as part of our cookery sessions with Mrs Williams. We will take part in the RSPB Bird Watch.  You can help your child by encouraging birds in your garden by feeding and providing them with water. You can also take part in the RSPB Bird Watch at home.  If you are a ‘Twitcher’ and could come in and share your love and knowledge of birds please let us know.

Helpful Websites.

Jolly Phonics

Book Trust

RSPB Bird Watch

Don’t Forget

  • To bring reading folders to school every day. Reading books can be changed whenever you have read/shared them together.

  • To draw and write in the home-school diaries. We value your support as we use the diaries to develop the children’s speaking and listening skills. We also value this very important link between Home and School. Please record any books which you share in your reading diaries so we know the ‘literacy’ experiences which your child is getting!

    We look forward to the new year ahead with you all.  Many thanks for your continued support.


    Alison Good, Sam Anstey, Michelle Williams, Imogen Sellers, Tracey Starbuck and Julie Bruce.



  Wonderful Winter

 We have been investigating winter and finding out about how our world is changing. We have been on a wintery walk together. Before we went, we sang 'Here we go round John Hunt School'. It is just like the traditional song 'Here we go round the Mulberry Bush'. It helped us get prepared for the cold !

 After our walk , we used Magic Ice Pencils to write and draw and painted icy cold pictures using paints which we felt were just like the frozen colours we had seen.

Have a look at the wonderful work we created ...

   Wow ! Caterpillar Music

  Every Tuesday  we do Caterpillar Music with Mrs Coggan.  The theme of our singing, movement and music session always links with our topic. Mrs Coggan brings puppets and instruments and usually ends up wearing funny hats!!

Mrs Coggan in action...

  Christmas in Foundation 1


   We have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Diwali. A wonderful lady called Sinita told us a special interactive story about Rama and Sita. We had to join in with actions and sound effects. Sinita told us about the helpful kind monkey king Hanuman and the terrible demon king Ravana!!





The Festival of Lights

  Harvest Celebrations in Foundation 1

HARVEST FESTIVAL OCTOBER 2015. We collected items for the Newark Foodbank. Reverand Mark came to bless the food before it went to the Foodbank. Thankyou for all of the amazing donations.

  Autumn Term in Foundation 1

We have been watching our world change as the season of Autumn altered our school garden. We checked everyday for changes, photographed them and made collections of objects which appeared on the school field as Summer left us for another year!!


Goodbye Summer

Have a look at all of the exciting things we did

last year in Foundation 1.

The chicks have arrived!

Autumn Term medium term planning