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Foxes - Yr 1

   Welcome to Fox Class   


We have 27 fantastic foxes in our class who are eager and ready to learn.

 Our teacher is Mrs Carlisle and we are supported by Mrs Parker.

We have an exciting learning journey ahead of us this year,

so keep checking back to find out what we are up to!

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Big cats, small rats, tiny fleas and buzzing bees!

This half term, we’re going to discover that animals come in all shapes and sizes!

Meeting an animal expert will allow us to ask and answer questions, share information about the pets we have at home and write animal information booklets. We’ll study animal artwork, draw detailed animal pictures to capture their special features and make collages, sculptures and prints. Famous animal fables will make us laugh, and we will have fun reading them aloud. We’ll spot similarities and differences between animals, look at different habitats around the world and investigate camouflage. 


Spring Term 2

The Enchanted Woodland

If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a BIG surprise! 

Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eyed owls in the swaying tree tops,

beneath the leaves are tiny footprints….animal or imp? You decide! 

Deciduous or evergreen? What can you find? Can you match a leaf to its tree? 

Can you match a petal to its flower?

Let’s build a den, stick by stick and branch by branch.

Or we could make a teeny tiny home for a woodland fairy!


Spring Term 2018


For this half term, our topic is Bright Lights, Big City.


Put on your best outfit because you're invited to have tea with the Queen.

Use your best manners and comb your hair, as one will not be amused if you don't!


What do you know about England's capital city? Let's find out all about London, including its history, transport and famous landmarks.

Step back in time and discover what happened in the Great Fire of London. Where did it start? How did it end? Create a model of the bakery on Pudding Lane...


..then burn it to the ground to recreate the Great Fire. Stand well back and watch how 

the flames spread. London's burning! London's burning! Fire, fire! Fire, fire!


Are you ready for the bright lights of the big city? Hop in a black cab... and enjoy the ride!


Celebrating Christmas in Year 1

Congratulations Fox Class!

Last week we managed to gain our 6th attendance star which meant we

could choose a class prize!

In an almost unanimous decision, Fox class chose to have

toast and butter - a great choice after a freezing cold playtime!


Our next goal is 10 stars - let's see if we can reach it before the end of term!


Autumn 2

Dinosaur Planet


Stomp, crash, RRRAGH! Watch out everyone - the dinosaurs are on the prowl!
They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth...
Let’s explore the Dinosaur Planet! 

Doyouthinkhesawus? Yes he did… RUN!

Teddy Bear's Picnic

It was Rainbow Bear's birthday so we decided to hold a teddy bear's picnic to celebrate.

We made birthday cards and special party hats to wear.

We even wrote invitations to our favourite toys so that they could join in the fun.

We hope Rainbow Bear had a lovely time - we certainly did!



Teddy Bear's Picnic

Autumn 1 - Memory Box

Can you remember being small? Being a baby and learning to crawl?

Do you recall a favourite toy, maybe a teddy bear or a best-loved book?
Memories are special… Let’s make some more!


It would be great if you could send in a baby photograph that we may use as

part of our display - Mrs Carlisle might just share some of her baby photos, too!



Signs of Autumn

We went for a walk around the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn.

We founds lots of crunchy leaves, smooth acorns, prickly chestnut shells and hard pine cones. It was very exciting!

Year 1 Parent's Meeting

Thank you to all those who came to our Year 1 meeting on Wednesday.

If you were unable to attend, the information we discussed is at the

bottom of the page - Year 1 expectation meeting.

It was great to see you all and I hope you found it useful.


Year 1 Expectation Meeting