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Frog Class


I can't believe it is now your final week of Year 2 and your time in Frog Class is coming to an end. I am really sad that we didn't get the chance to complete our year together but the time we had was wonderful and we all have lots of fantastic memories to treasure forever. You have been my favourite class! Just think, I have taught some of you for 2 years!  


It is now time for you to all spread your wings and start your KS2 journey. You will all have an amazing time in Year 3 with Mr Jones. I have been telling him how fantastic you all are. I will be checking from time to time that your work is still of a 'Take Care' standard and your classroom is still tidy. Remember as Frogs we always had the tidiest classroom in KS1! 


Please remember to pop and see me in September. I will be so excited to hear about all of the things you have been doing during lock down and the summer holidays. 


If you have 5 minutes have a flick through the photographs below, you will be amazed at all the fun things we got up to in Year 2. I had to hold back a few tears as I watched them! 


Thank you for a fantastic year and I wish you all the best in Year 3. 

Love from Mrs Parkes.



As you have all worked so hard over the past 17 we thought you would like some fun activity booklets to have a go at. You can complete them this week or use them during the summer holidays. 

There is also an 'Elsa Support' activity for you to have a go at if you so wish. Your challenge is to create a summer diary!