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Grey Squirrels ā€“ Y6

Hello everyone,

Some of you have been sending in pictures of what you have been up to whilst not at school which has been brilliant - thank you.

These are included on this page so your friends can see what you've been up to.

Thank you and keep them coming in.

Hi Year 6

Hope you are doing ok. You should all have received your working from home packs at the end of last week.

Please remember to use your Espresso link and have a look at the WW2 section on there.

There is also the site which has 5 live sessions for you to have a try on.

You have also been reminded of your Prodigy passwords so that you can continue to improve your Maths skills.

If you cannot find or remember your Usernames or Passwords, you can email the Year 6 staff and we will send it to you.

Keep looking for extra updates and ideas of activities for you to do.

Keep safe everyone,

Miss Devlin

To email the Year 6 staff:


If we do not respond straight away, please keep checking as we hope to reply to you as soon as possible.

Please find below an outline of the work we have provided and our expectations for you whilst you are unable to come into school.

Each day:

  • An hour of Maths
  • An hour of English (SPAG or Reading)
  • Half an hour of reading (any reading material of your choice - record in your diary)
  • An hour of Topic work
  • Half an hour on Prodigy and/or SPAG .com

Please do not go and do everything in one go. Spread the work out and do it from a variety of books. Eg. If you do some reading work from the SAT Survival Guide on one day, do a page or two from the Rising Stars book the next day.

New tasks will be released on weekly.

For your topic work, please do some personal research on Homes in WW2 compared to today and School life in WW2 compared to today. Present your work however you like - report with pictures and information, PowerPoint Presentation etc.

Also, take the time to widen your interests and develop your skills in other areas. Why not try sketching or painting what you can see from your bedroom window, try and identify which different birds are visiting your garden, make something from recycled materials, learn to sew, knit or play chess.

Overall, keep yourself busy with things that interest you and keep your mind active. Listen to advice and keep yourselves well.

Best wishes,

The Year 6 Team

Year 6 working from home


Please find below the letter from the SAT meeting and the examples that were shared.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns regarding SATs,  please come in and see one of the Year 6 team.

Autumn overview

Welcome to Grey Squirrels' class page.


Since returning in September, the children have been working hard and have all made a great start to Year 6.

They have been busy learning about Ancient Greece and participating in some food tasting.


All the children were amazing when we went to Derbyshire for the day. It was a real pleasure to watch them working together and supporting each other whilst doing rock scrambling and rock climbing. The hiking was great fun too - despite being a muddy experience for some!



Gorgeous Greek Food

Damp Derbyshire

Exploring Electricity