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Guided Reading

Guided Reading



Please read the attached text, and complete the linked reading comprehension questions. There are 3 different levels indicated by a star. Please pick the level you feel best fits your ability.


1 Star - Bronze

2 Star - Silver

3 Star - Gold


Remember, you don't need to print any of it off, simply write down your answers on a piece of paper. 







Please spend todays allocated time practising the year 1 and 2 common exception words. Most of you can read these words already but begin by reading through each word. You can then pick some that you wish to practice spelling and have a go. I have attached them below with some different activities that you could try. 


Caoimhe, Tabitha, Isabella, Thomas, Valentina and Lydia - you guys can spell these words so I would like you to try the year 3 common exception words instead! This will give you a head start when you go into year 3. 


Have fun all of you! smiley