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Guided Reading

This week we are going to continue to read extracts from The Viking Chronicle.

Tuesday - Define


Read through the text and discuss with an adult any words or phrases you don't understand. Can you have a good guess at their meaning from using the whole sentence to help you ? Read through again and then answer these questions in your home journal.

Wednesday - Retrieve


Today we are going to skim and scan the text to answer the following questions in our journal. Remember to write in full sentences and use capital letters and full stops to demarcate the beginning and end.



Write your own advert for a Viking Longship using the example to help you.




Today we would like you to read independently and send us a brief summary about the book you are reading at home at the moment. You may want to include :

  • Who the characters are in your book.
  • What has happened so far ? 
  • Who is your favourite character and why ?
  • Are you enjoying the book ? What has been your favourite part so far ?