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Hindu Worship


This week in RE , we are learning about why a mandir is such an important place for many people. We will learn about what happens during worship and the rules of how to behave in a mandir.



A Hindu temple is a busy and exciting place. As well as being used for worship, birth, wedding and death ceremonies, it is also a place where visitors can go and discuss and take part in meditation classes and yoga.

At a Mandir different parts of the building have a special meaning, just like a Church.

Not all temples look the same on the outside or the inside.


Look at the pictures below of the outside and inside of different mandirs.


Watch the clips about mandirs and worship taking place and learn about what happens during ‘puja’ ( Hindu worship)

Visiting a Mandir (Hindu Temple) | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Hinduism

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Eleven-year-old Vraj shows us around a Hindu temple and tells us about the religious statues that Hindus keep in their temples a...

Your task:

Design an information leaflet about a mandir.

It needs to include :

  1. what is a mandir
  2. what happens in a mandir
  3. why is it important to Hindus
  4. An image of a mandir