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Lesson 1

Viking Longhouses

This week’s topic lesson, we are learning about Viking houses. They were called Longhouses and most houses had just one room for the whole family to share.

Look at the PPTs and clips and make notes - perhaps you could use the mind map sheet, to help organise all the facts you have learnt about the longhouses.

Your task is to pretend you are an estate agent and you have to try to sell one of these houses! Remember, you need to look for all the good points about the property, which would persuade someone to buy it!


Think about our toothpaste advert techniques. We used:

  • Lots of interesting adjectives
  • Exaggeration
  • Only focus on the positive
  • Special offers
  • Alliteration ( words starting with the same letter)
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Eye catching picture.


We look forward to seeing your amazing adverts.