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This week and next we are learning the multiplication facts to our 9 times table. Remember to sing along to the song and practise completing the questions in your blue books. You can write the question or just the answer you don't need to print the page. Remember if you time yourself are you getting quicker ? Do you get more correct each day ?

9 Times Table Song * One Direction COVER - What makes you beautiful cover

An easy and fun way to learn your nine times table. Join us and sing along! 9 Times Table song: You know the score We know what for You've done your 8 times ...



For the next few weeks we will be learning about money. Have a quick recap at home looking at the different coins and notes we use everyday. Do you know how many 1p coins there are in £1:00 ? How many 10p coins in £1:00 ? Can you make amounts exactly with a variety of coins e.g Which coins could you use to make 38p ?