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Complete each lesson by following the instructions for that day. Don't forget to keep playing on Prodigy and practising your times tables! I have also put an assessment on for you to complete before Wednesday 31st March. Remember, you don't need to do anything extra- just play Prodigy as normal. If you need reminding of your log in then please email us to ask.

If you are finding it tricky or have any questions, email us:


Last week's Prodigy update:

1st place: Lucas- 46 correct answers

2nd place: Leon O- 15 correct answers

3rd place: Owen- 5 correct answers


Instructions for the week


Please make sure that you are giving yourself a challenge. Do not always go for the easy option. Make your brains work hard. Don’t worry if you can’t complete every questions on the word problems – just give every one your best shot.


Monday 29th March


Bronze/Silver – complete the Easter Maths worksheet 1 followed by any 3 of the Silver word problems.

Gold – complete the Gold word problems for today.

Tuesday 30th March


Bronze/Silver – complete the x FTB sheet 2 followed by the remaining 3 questions from the Silver word problems from yesterday.

Gold – complete the Gold word problems for today.

Wednesday 31st March


Bronze/Silver – complete the Follow the Bunny addition sheet and then the B/S word problem sheet.

Gold – complete the Gold word problems for today.

Thursday 1st April


Bronze – choose any 5 word problems to complete from the 2-step word problems.

Silver – complete all of the 2-step word problems.

Gold – Complete the Gold word problems for today.

Friday onwards – make sure that you eat lots and lots of Easter Eggs, have fun, go outdoors whenever you can and have an eggcellent (sorry) holiday.