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We are sure that you have more than enough written work to be completing in your booklets for the rest of this week and next week too.

However, here is a link for you to access some online Maths work as an extra. You may want to do some of this online work instead of the booklets we provided you with and that is fine. Just make a note of the online resources you have accessed and completed.

There are videos to watch to help you understand the new concept and activities to complete afterwards (you can print these out of you wish or you could simply leave them on your screen and complete them on any piece of paper - don't copy the question out). 

Currently, there are 5 lessons on Ratio - each with video and activity. You could do these all in one go if you wish but perhaps doing 1 or 2 each day would be sufficient.

There should be new topics added each week on the same website so keep checking - I'll also add on here when I see them.

The site is White Rose Maths (which is the scheme of learning we follow at school so the resources will look familiar).

Go to the Home Learning section and choose Y6.


Keep safe and well.