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Welcome to week 13 of Maths at home. For the next few days, we will be improving our problem-solving skills! I hope you've got your detective skills at the ready so that you can solve all of the tricky questions. Enjoy!


Before you begin your daily Maths lesson

Do a big stretch! Shake your fingers and get the blood to your brain flowing. You have your fluent in 5 booklet to begin your morning. Can you check your answers and correct any mistakes? If you have completed your fluent in 5 booklet I have attached a new one for each day!


Fancy a challenge? Ask someone (a grown-up or sibling) to pick any number. Answer the following questions:


  • What is one more?
  • What is one less?
  • What is ten more?
  • What is ten less?
  • Can you count on from this number in 2's?
  • What other similar questions can you think of?


Do some counting in your 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's. Follow these links to warm your brains up:

Fluent in 5 for the week


Watch the following videos before beginning the activities for the week!


Year 1 Word Problems - Recap

Jessie is Solving Word Problems

Solving Addition and Subtraction Word Problems


  • There are 21 challenge cards. Could you cut them out and lay them face down on the table? Take it turns with someone to turn over a card and answer the question
  • Remember to read each question thoroughly before answering
  • You might want some scrap paper so that you can show your working out
  • Think about what method to use (tens and ones - base 10)


  • Today we will be solving two-step problems
  • This means that you will need to read the question more than once to ensure you have answered it fully
  • You will need to work out which operation to use and then consider which method you could use
  • Once you have completed a question, re-read the question just for one final check! 


  • Here are some tricky word problems that you will need to read at least twice before answering
  • There are different levels of difficulty but I would suggest that everyone begins with bronze (1 star)
  • Could you challenge yourself with a silver or gold question?
  • Use a highlighter or coloured pencil to identify the key information
  • You will then need to consider which operation to use 
  • Check your answers once complete


  • Today you will be completing an arithmetic paper like we do on Fridays at school
  • Parents - we do this on our own at school, so children should be able to try this independently 
  • Try your best!
  • Could you mark your answers with a grown-up afterwards and send your scores to me on


  • Today we will be completing a reasoning paper. Again, we do these in school so you should be familiar with it! 
  • Read the questions carefully so that you know what to do
  • Some questions will require you to colour, circle or answer in a box
  • Mark your paper with an adult, making corrections where possible and email me your score on