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Once again, the work provided by White Rose this week is a repetition of the work we set at the start of lockdown. So this this week we have provided some alternative lessons. For each lesson, follow the link to watch a video and then complete the activities attached. 


Monday: Multi-step Addition and Subtraction Problems


Tuesday: Read and Interpret Line Graphs


Wednesday: Draw Line Graphs


Thursday: Use Line Graphs to Solve Problems


Friday: BBC Bitesize challenges 


In addition to the lessons provided, we would like you to play on prodigy each day. Prodigy is a great way to keep up the skills you have already learnt in Maths. Try to encourage your friends to play with you and have your own little competitions! 


You can also find this week's Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning below, just as we did in school, try to complete one of each every day. Remember, you only have 5 minutes to complete each so try to time yourself to keep up your speed!