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This week we will follow the White Rose Maths lessons by following this link and choosing the summer week 10 lessons. They are all about angles, which will build on your knowledge from year 4. Listen carefully to the videos as there will be new skills for everyone. Below is a list of the lessons and tasks to complete. If you need further input you can also follow this link to the BBC Bitesize daily lessons. 


Monday: Measuring with a protractor 

Tuesday: Drawing lines and angles accurately 

Wednesday: Calculating angles on a straight line 

Thursday: Calculating angles around a point

Friday: BBC Bitesize challenge


Remember to also complete this week's Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning, giving yourself 5 minutes to complete each one. It's also great to keep going on prodigy, some of you haven't been on in a while and it would be fab to see those numbers go up again!