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Problems, problems, problems,


This week's work is all about solving problems.

For Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you need to try and solve the Murder Mystery.

At the start of each task it gives you a brief explanation of what you need to do to solve the tasks (you don't have to print this out just write the answers to the clues on a piece of paper).

You may want to write a list of the suspect's names down (not the rest of their information) before you start so that you can cross them off as you go - you can keep the suspect list on the screen to check the other information about them when it comes to eliminating them.



There are some investigations and problems for you to work on based on the measures work we have just done.

There are Bronze, Silver and Gold challenges. As always, start where you feel comfortable and move up if you want the next challenge.

Bronze - Reading time

Silver - 1. Train times         2. Distance and time

Gold - 1. Distance and time      2. Home time



Bronze - Time word problems

Silver and Gold - Chippy's Journey