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Hi Robins! We are on our penultimate week of home learning! (google the definition) Well done on your challenge cards last week, they were tricky so you used some excellent reasoning skills. This week we will continue recapping all of the new maths we have learnt throughout year 2. You will have some questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication, money, shape, fractions and more! So you will need to get your thinking caps on. Make sure you really read the questions so that you understand what you are being asked to do. Have a great week! 

Love Miss Wilks smiley



Support for Parents

Hello lovely parents. After speaking to most of you last week, it seems that after a long 15 weeks, motivating your children has become increasingly more difficult. Hopefully, this video will give you some support in how to tackle Maths home learning and get the most out of these last few weeks. Some of the key points are mastering number bonds, times tables and having efficient methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We include these with our oral starters and Fluent in 5, so prioritise these activities. Let me know your thoughts on the video. Miss Wilks 

Before you begin your daily Maths lesson

Do a big stretch! Shake your fingers and get the blood to your brain flowing. You have your fluent in 5 booklet to begin your morning. Can you check your answers and correct any mistakes? If you have completed your fluent in 5 booklet I have attached a new one for each day!


Fancy a challenge? Ask someone (a grown-up or sibling) to pick any number. Answer the following questions:


  • What is one more?
  • What is one less?
  • What is ten more?
  • What is ten less?
  • Can you count on from this number in 2's?
  • What other similar questions can you think of?


Do some counting in your 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's. Follow these links to warm your brains up:

Fluent in 5 for the week

This week, you will be having a go at completing these Maths mats. They will be a recap of everything that we have learnt this year. You should have a go on your own. Try your best - you should be able to answer these questions. When you have had a go at all of the questions, you must check them. Finally, you can use the answer sheet to mark your work. Let me know what your score is and how you got on by emailing me! Good luck smiley




A bit extra...

Here are some other activities to have a crack at if you get finished!