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Day 1

Input: Share 2D shape powerpoint.

Activities: Activity 1-Complete the properties of 2D shapes sheet.

    Activity 2-Complete recognising and naming 2D shapes sheet


Day 2

Activities: Activity 1- Everyone to complete sorting 2D shapes sheet.

    Bronze Challenge- Varied fluency identifying shapes

    Silver Challenge- Reasoning and problem solving shape sorting

    Gold Challenge- Describing the properties of 2D shapes.


Day 3

Input: Share 3D shape powerpoint

Activities: Activity 1- questions 1 and 2a of recognising and naming 2D shapes sheet.

    Activity 2- 3D shape hunt around your home.


Day 4

Input: Share 3D shape sorting powerpoint

Activities: Activity 1- Sort 3D shapes activity sheet

                   Bronze, silver and gold- Sort real life objects 3D shapes challenge

    Extra challenge- Problem solving 3D shape sorting

Day 5

Activities: Activity 1- Complete the properties of 3D shapes sheet

Activity 2: Complete ‘Year-1 3D shape reasoning and problem solving Bronze, silver and      gold’

Bronze- Developing

Silver- Expected

Gold- Greater depth