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Remember to continue playing on Prodigy throughout the week!




Bronze and Silver challenge: Complete the Christmas shopping list challenge! Imagine you have been given a certain amount to spend £150 or £250. See which items you can buy and how many you can buy whilst still sticking to your budget! Open the attachments below to find out your budget and see how much the different items cost! You should use the column method to help you work out your totals. Be careful with that decimal point!


Gold challenge: Read through the document and the words to the twelfth day of Christmas. There are some different Maths questions for you to answer based on this song.



For this lesson, we would like you to start by completing the times tables activity. You can complete this online by clicking on the image below. Start by clicking on the times table that you want to practise. It would definitely be a good idea to practise whichever one you are working on at the moment! If you want to do extra then that's also great. You can select more than one to practise in the same speed test.



When you have completed the speed tests, I have attached a Heiroglyphics challenge below! It might look tricky at first but you should all be able to complete it once you have read it through.


Challenge: to make up your own code or calculations!





For your last Maths lesson, we thought it would be good fun to complete the joke challenges attached! You should complete either the bronze, silver or gold challenge. To do this, you should solve each of the calculations within the brackets to work out each letter. For each question, put the letters together to find out the answer to the joke! Hopefully, it might give you a little bit of a laugh- especially we didn't get a chance to share our Christmas jokes!