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Each day you will need to follow the instructions given, which involve working through a PowerPoint this week! Once you have done that, complete the level of work you would normally complete in school. Don't forget to keep playing on Prodigy and practising your times tables! You should also complete the Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning set for each day.


If you are finding it tricky or have any questions, email us:



Counting Squares


Work your way through the PowerPoint below- slides 5-14. Make sure you work through them slide by slide. This is your first lesson on area. Remember, only count the squares inside the shape. I have included the answers for today's work sheet. Have a look through them so that you have chance to check your own work before sending it to us. 

There is only one task for everyone to complete today- no bronze, silver. or gold.



Area of Rectangles


Today, look through slides 5 to 8 on the PowerPoint. There are two levels of challenge today- bronze and silver or gold. For gold, you only need to complete one of the two pages given. 

Remember, area is the space inside the shape. You can calculate it by multiplying the length by the width. 


Answers are given for both. Remember to send your work in!



Area of Compound Shapes


Work through slides 5-10 on the PowerPoint. Make sure you understand what a compound shape is and how to calculate the area of one. 

Bronze- answer questions 1-3 from the bronze and silver task.

Silver- answer questions 4-7 from the bronze and silver task. 

Gold- calculating the are and perimeter of compound shapes.


The answers for bronze and silver are attached below!



Area of Irregular Shapes 


Work through slides 6-11 on the PowerPoint. Once you have done that, complete the task attached below. Everybody should complete the same task today. You will also find the answers again. Don't forget to email your work in!



Perimeter and Area



Complete the times tables Speed Test- use this to practise your times tables!



Work through the first part of the PowerPoint.

Bronze- answer the questions on slides 9 and 10. 

Silver- answer the questions on slides 10, 11 and 12.

Gold- answer the questions on slides 11, 12, 13 (if you can), 14 and 15.