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Tick tock... This week we will be learning how to tell the time. You can practice throughout the week by looking at a clock or watch in your house and working out the time! Good luck and remember to practice your 5 times tables to help you. First up is a video to introduce you to time.

How to Tell the Time

The Counting by Threes Song

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Counting Robot (counting by 2s, 5s, & 10s)

Fluent in 5 for the term

  • Ensure you complete 1 page per day
  • Refer to the videos on the 'parent support' page that I have recorded for you. Here you can find examples of all the methods we use in school
  • I have also attached 4 'Flashback' starter activities to complete Monday - Thursday
  • These are a recap of everything that we have learnt up until now


Telling the time to the hour

  • Today we will be recapping what you learnt in year 1 by telling the time to the hour
  • Remember that the big hand points to the minutes and the small hand points to the hour
  • Click on the picture below to view the BBC Bitesize clip on telling the time!
  • There are other activities for you to try on the same page

  • Below, is a PowerPoint to recap what you have just learnt. Run through it before completing your task
  • There are three different activities that you can complete. Pick 1, 2 or if you really want to impress me why not try all 3!


Telling the time to the half-hour

  • Today, we will be building on what we learnt yesterday by understanding half past too
  • Watch the following video and read through the PowerPoints to get an understanding before completing your task
  • Can you challenge yourself to read your clock or watch at home throughout the day? Can you recognise what the time is?

Telling the time - o'clock and half past

  • Below, are three different activities to choose from
  • Again, try 1, 2 or all 3! Everyone should have a go at 'label the clock' and then see if you complete any of the challenge sheets!
  • Remember to photograph your work and send it to


Quarter past and quarter to

  • Watch the following video which explains quarter past and quarter to and then go through the PowerPoint below

Quarter Past and Quarter To Quiz

  • Click the picture below, which will take you to the BBC page full of videos, games and activities!
  • I have then attached your work below for you to complete
  • Enjoy and click below!


Telling the time to 5 minutes

  • Begin the lesson with practising your 5 times tables - they are essential for today's lesson
  • Can you count in your 5's all the way to 60? Why is 60 an important number?
  • Watch the following video and go through the 2 PowerPoints
  • Look at a clock or watch - what time is it? Can you tell the time throughout the day?

Telling Time to 5 Minutes

  • Now, click the picture below to go to the BBC page for telling the time to 5 minutes
  • Can you watch the video and then complete the quiz?
  • Your activity sheets are then attached below

  • It's the last day of the week! Well done for completing your third week of home learning
  • Complete the relevant arithmetic practice
  • If you are in Mrs Parkes Friday group then complete the first page of the Arithmetic paper and perhaps try some of the second page
  • If you are in my Maths group then complete both pages of the arithmetic paper and make sure that you show your working out
  • If you are in Mrs Parker's Maths group then complete the arithmetic paper and then have a go at the challenges too!