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Each day you will need to follow the instructions given. Once you have done that, complete the level of work you would normally complete in school. Don't forget to keep playing on Prodigy and practising your times tables! You should also complete the Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning set for each day.


I have also set you another assessment to complete on Prodigy, so please log on this week and complete it. It is just a few questions based only on topics we have already done this year. The assessment will end on Friday so it must be completed this week. You do not need to do anything, just play the game as normal. If you have forgotten your log in then I can resend it for you laugh

If you are finding it tricky or have any questions, email us:


Last week's Prodigy update:

1st place: Ivy- 63 correct answers

2nd place: Lucas- 50 correct answers

3rd place: Isobel- 33 correct answers

Special mention to Lola, Amber, Owen, Isla, Leon O and Jono for playing as well as completing their assessment- well done all of you! I will send you your scores this week if I haven't already told you them laugh




Watch the video (the link is below) and then everyone is completing the same task today. 






Everyone is doing the same task again today.

Once you've completed that, you can click the link below and attempt the quiz on Espresso.


A reminder that for Espresso Discovery your log in is:

Username:  student 25824

Password:  jhunt1


If the link does not work, there is a sheet attached below telling you how to find the correct quiz.




Discovery Education Espresso - Find the missing coordinates




Today, Bronze and Silver are doing the same task.

Gold is a separate task.

Challenge yourself - don't always go for the easy option.

Think which we'd be guiding you towards if you were at school.



Today, you need to watch the Espresso clip first (not a quiz today).

Then, work through the PPT.

Everyone is working for the same sheet today but Bronze and Silver are to complete Q1-3 and Gold are to complete Q4-6.

There is an extension task that we expect pupils who would normally attempt Gold to complete but anyone can have a go!


You should be able to click on the image below to take you to the Espresso clip (fingers crossed!).





There are two tasks for today.

First task:

Bronze and Silver complete Q1-2

Gold complete Q3-7


Second task:

Bronze and Silver the same.

Gold separate task.