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Tick tock... This week we will be continuing our work on time. Last week, I discovered that some children found this concept difficult, therefore I have prepared your work slightly differently this week. There are lots of practical activities which will consolidate what we learnt last week if you feel like you need some more practice. If you would like a challenge then there are some trickier time activities at the bottom of this page! Have fun!

How to Tell the Time - Educational Video for Kids

The Counting by Threes

Three Times Table Song

Counting Robot (2s, 5s, & 10s)

Flashback 4 for each day

Today, I would like you to use everything that you learnt last week and put it to practice. I would like you to write me a diary throughout the day of what you are doing. It could be similar to our home learning schedule or you could choose to do it differently. I have set three challenges for you - bronze, silver or gold. So see which one you can complete! I have included an example of my day! I hope this helps. Check the time throughout the day and see if you can work out what the time is. Remember to send me your diaries on 


Bronze - Write a diary throughout the day using O'clock and half past 

Silver - Use O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to

Gold - Can you write events using the time to five minutes? 


Miss Wilks' diary for the day


Well done on your diaries yesterday! Today, your challenge is to put the times on your diary onto a clock! Can you pick 8 different times and put them onto your clock? Remember that the big hand is the minute hand and the small one is the hour hand. Make sure that your clock hands are different lengths! I have attached an empty clock template below if you would like to use it or you could draw around a cup or other circular object to create your clock face! Challenge - could you create your clocks in an interesting way? I have attached some examples to inspire you! Have fun.



Hours and days! Today we will be recapping our knowledge of minutes, hours and days. It is important that we understand this concept. Work through the information on the links below. Join in with the activities. For example, can you estimate when a minute has passed? If you ask a grown-up to put a timer on then you can count to 60!

Can you make notes about what the key facts are? e.g. there are 60 minutes in one hour. Then, I would like you to display your new knowledge in whichever format you like. You might want to create a spider diagram, a poster or a list. I have attached mine below for you to look at! Remember to send me your work on




Today, we will be timing ourselves! How many seconds are in a minute? I would like you to time yourself doing as many things as possible in 60 seconds! I have attached some sheets for you to record your records or you could create your own. Maybe Joe Wicks would like to try some of these activities! Use a timer to make sure that you are accurate!

  • It's the last day of the week! Well done for completing your fourth week of home learning
  • Complete the relevant arithmetic practice
  • If you are in Mrs Parkes Friday group then complete the first page of the Arithmetic paper and perhaps try some of the second page
  • If you are in my Maths group then complete both pages of the arithmetic paper and make sure that you show your working out
  • If you are in Mrs Parker's Maths group then complete the arithmetic paper and then have a go at the challenges too!