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Each day you will need to follow the instructions given. Once you have done that, complete the level of work you would normally complete in school. Don't forget to keep playing on Prodigy and practising your times tables! You should also complete the Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning set for each day.

If you are finding it tricky or have any questions, email us:


Last week's Prodigy update:

1st place: Owen- 134 correct answers

2nd place: Jono- 60 correct answers

3rd place: Leon O- 44 correct answers

Special mention to: Lola, Alexandra, Ruby J, Lucas, Isaac and Leon C for also playing!

Monday 25th January


Symmetry recap


Follow the Oak Academy lesson, looking at lines of symmetry.



Complete the appropriate activity attached. 

Bronze and silver to complete questions 1-7 on the White Rose sheet. Gold to complete questions 4-7 on the White Rose sheet and page 4 on the gold activity attached. Red through the instructions for further clarification.

Tuesday 26th January


Complete a simple symmetrical figure.


Complete the Oak Academy lesson. 



Complete the White Rose worksheet questions. Bronze – Q1-3 Silver – Q1-5 Gold – Q1-7

Wednesday 27th January


Reflecting shapes in 4 quadrants 


Watch the following video on Espresso:



Once you have watched the video, have a go at completing the quiz!



Bronze- complete page 1 OR page 2 on the URBrainy sheet.

Silver- complete questions 1-3 from the White Rose sheet.

Gold- complete questions 1-5 on the White Rose sheet.

Thursday 28th January 


Reflection with coordinates


Work through the White Rose sheet attached!

Bronze – Q1-2

Silver – Q1-3

Gold – complete entire sheet


Make sure your coordinates are written clearly in pairs with the comma and brackets.

Friday 29th January


Code breaker 


Have a go at the code breaker attached, using everything you have learnt in the last two weeks!