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This week, we will be learning all about statistics and how we can organise data in different ways. You will be completing lots of different activities to become data experts!

The Counting by Threes Song

Three Times Table Song

Counting Robot (2s, 5s, & 10s)

Flashback 4 for each day


Today we will be learning all about tallies. What does that word mean? Watch the following video to understand what tallies are used for and how to draw them!

Counting with tally marks or tallies

Now that we know what a tally is, click on the image below to learn a little more!



Your task for today is to turn all of my higgledy-piggledy data into some organised tally charts. Could you draw a chart for the results? Below are three different selection of items. Can you organise them for me so that I know how many of each item there are? I have given you a template for the first one. Can you create your own table for the other 2 images? See if you can complete a tally chart for all 3 images.


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3



Now I would like you to go on a mission around your house. Take a pen and some paper for a walk and make tallies for the items you spot. How many tallies can you create by counting items in your house? Here are some examples:

  • How many tins of food do you have in your cupboard?
  • How many keys can you find around the house?
  • How many knives, forks and spoons can you find?
  • Could you go for your daily walk and count how many trees you spot?
  • Or how many cars drive past your bedroom window?


Remember to use your 5 times tables to help you! Challenge - put your data into a neat table and send me a photo on I have attached a rough guide to show you what your table could look like.




Today we will be learning another way of representing data. We will be using pictograms! This is where we use pictures to display our data. Click on the picture below to watch the video to understand how pictograms can be used.

Today, I would like you to use your best drawing skills and create a pictogram. I have provided you with my shopping list for you to use as your data. Think about how you could display it and what you might need in a pictogram. Good luck!



Today, I would like you to do some research. Could you think of 10 famous people? They could be pop-stars, tik-tockers, footballers, friends, family members or anyone else you can think of! Can you do some research to find out what colour eyes they have? Can you conduct a pictogram with your results in? Below is a template you could use. If you wanted to pick a different category then feel free! Your challenge today is to create your very own pictogram!



  • It's the last day of the week! Well done for completing your fourth week of home learning
  • Complete the relevant arithmetic practice
  • If you are in Mrs Parkes Friday group then complete the first page of the Arithmetic paper and perhaps try some of the second page
  • If you are in my Maths group then complete both pages of the arithmetic paper and make sure that you show your working out
  • If you are in Mrs Parker's Maths group then complete the arithmetic paper and then have a go at the challenges too!