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Maths Challenge Week!

This week is a fun challenge week! There will be different activities for you to complete in order to test your problem-solving skills! Have Fun! 


Once you have completed the activities for the week make sure to send me your work on


Mrs Parkes


If you are unsure how to support your child with Maths, please refer to the 'Parent Support' section on the Frog homepage where Miss Wilks has kindly uploaded videos of the methods we use in Year 2.


Mental Maths Daily Warm-up

Fancy a challenge? Ask someone (a grown-up or sibling) to pick any number. Answer the following questions:


  • What is one more?
  • What is one less?
  • What is ten more?
  • What is ten less?
  • Can you count on from this number in 2's?
  • What other similar questions can you think of?


Do some counting in your 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's. Follow these links to warm your brains up:

The Counting by Threes Song

Three Times Table Song

Counting Robot

Fluent in 5 - Spring Term

Please complete 1 page of your fluent in 5 booklet every day. Remember to use the methods we have taught you in class. Once complete ask a grown-up to check your answers. Don't worry about printing the booklet off, just use any paper you have to hand. There are also 4 'Flashback' starter activities for you to complete Monday - Thursday. These recap everything we have learnt up to this point.

Flashback 4


Your first challenge of the week is all about estimation (sensible guesses). Your task is to time yourself completing different activities within a minute. You will need a timer. There is a recording sheet attached or you could create your own. 

Try these world records at home - Guinness World Records


Your second challenge of the week is based around shape and number! You will need to make your own 'guess who' cards for someone to complete. Maybe you could make them for someone at home or you could email them in so I could work them out. There is an example attached for support as well as a template. Have fun!


Pocket Money

Activity 1

Before you start it might be helpful to have a mixture of different coins to hand. Your challenge today is to make £2.50 using different coins. How many different ways can you think of? Write £2.50 in the middle of a piece of paper and then record your different combinations around e.g. £2 + 50p. Remember you can only use real coins so no 3p or 25p coins for example!


Activity 2

You have £1 to spend, what could you buy and what is your change? You could buy one item and find the change or you could by 2 or 3 items and find the change. Remember to work out the total cost of the items first and then calculate the change.


How many of the challenge cards can you complete today? 


Today you can choose your activity as a reward for working so hard all week! You will need to ask permission form an adult before completing any of these activities.

Other Options 

If you would rather complete your normal weekly arithmetic paper it is attached below. There is also another arithmetic paper attached if you fancy giving it a go. 

Times Table Challenge

If you fancy a challenge you could try the times table booklet. Maybe, you could time yourself each time. Could you beat your previous score and or time!