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Welcome back to what hopefully could be our last couple of weeks of home learning! To ease us back in after half term, I have planned for a fun challenge week! There will be different activities for you to complete to test your problem-solving skills! Have fun!

The Counting by Threes Song

Three Times Table Song

Counting Robot



  • Here is your first challenge card! Today is all about estimation which means we will be taking a sensible guess. Your mission is to time yourselves completing different activities within a minute
  • You will need a timer! I have attached a recording sheet that you may want to use or you could create your own
  • I have also attached a link to the 'Minute World Records' to see how close you can get!
  • Could you time yourself completing some of the other activities such as 'fastest time to unravel a toilet roll?'
  • Some of the activities may require you to measure length so use a ruler for example, 'How far can you blow a pea?' 
  • Make sure you ask your parents first, have lots of fun and send me photos!

Try these world records at home - Guinness World Records


  • Time for your next challenge! Today we will be recapping shape and number
  • You will need to make your own 'guess who' cards for someone to complete! Maybe you could make them for someone at home or you could email them for me to work out on
  • I have attached an example for inspiration as well as a template
  • There is also a recap of the shapes you learnt in year 1
  • Have fun!



Shape Mat:


Pocket Money!

Activity 1

  • Before you begin you will need a mixture of different coins. Ask a grown-up if you can borrow some.
  • If you don't have any then maybe you could make some out of paper.
  • Your challenge - Which coins can you use to make £2.50?
  • Write £2.50 in the middle of a piece of plain paper.
  • Write around £2.50 the different coins you could use to make this.
  • Remember to only use real coins (3p coins and 25p don't exist!)



Activity 2

  • You have £1 to spend, what could you buy and what is your change?
  • Use the Sheet below to buy items from our Class shop.
  • Work out the total price you would pay for the items then work out the change you would be given from your £1 
  • Remember that you can use real coins to help you.
  • Challenge - could you buy 2 items and then work out the change from your £1?



  • How many of the following challenge cards can you complete?
  • Click to enlarge!


  • Because you have worked so hard this week, today you can choose your activity. You have three options to pick from
  • Make sure that you ask an adult for permission on these activities before completing them
  • You will be using multiplication or measurement skills so make sure you are thinking hard!
  • Well done for a great week!



  • If you would rather complete your normal, weekly arithmetic practice then it is attached below.
  • I have also attached a times tables booklet for you to have a crack at. Maybe you could time yourself and try to beat your score!
  • There is another arithmetic test if you would prefer that to the practical activities.