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Welcome to another week of Maths at home Robins! I hope that you are ready to learn about length over the next 5 days. If you have a ruler at home you can use it this week, but the activities don't require you to have one. Have a watch of the following video to give you a taster into what our week will entail.

Before you begin your daily Maths lesson

Do a big stretch! Shake your fingers and get the blood to your brain flowing. You have your fluent in 5 booklet to begin your morning. Can you check your answers and correct any mistakes?


Fancy a challenge? Ask someone (a grown-up or sibling) to pick any number. Answer the following questions:


  • What is one more?
  • What is one less?
  • What is ten more?
  • What is ten less?
  • Can you count on from this number in 2's?
  • What other similar questions can you think of?


Do some counting in your 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's. Watch the following video to warm your brains up:

Workout and Count!

Whatcha Gonna Do Count by 2's, 5's, 10's

Counting Robot 2's 5's and 10's

3 TImes Tables


Compare Lengths

Problem Of The Day (click to enlarge)

Order Lengths

Problem Of The Day

Four Operations with Length

Problem Of The Day

Problem Solving

Problem Of The Day

Maths Problems

Fancy a challenge?

Have a go at these challenge cards. Read on your own, think about your answer and then discuss with an adult or write down your answer. Good luck!

(click to enlarge the image)