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To continue with the White Rose Maths lessons, click here. 

You will need Summer Term Week 2.

Don't forget, there is a video, followed by an activity and the answers are provided as well! As mentioned before, these lessons from White Rose are in line with what we would have been doing had we still been in school, so please complete these lessons where you can for some continuity.


As usual, you will find this week's Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning below. I know it can sometimes be tricky, but please try to stick to the five minute time limit. You can spend time afterwards discussing the problems! 


Our week 5 scores for Prodigy are looking good! Some of you are definitely getting back into some home learning after the Easter Holidays- let's keep it up! laugh


We will also put some more maths resources here to support the White Rose lessons, particularly some reasoning questions.


Don't forget to keep practicing your times tables either!! 



One of our eagle eyed parents has spotted some mistakes on the Fluent in Five! She is absolutely right and unfortunately quite a few of the answers for this week (that have been provided by Third Space!) are actually wrong! All I can do is apologise, give you the correct answers and check them from now on before uploading them to the home learning pages!! 

So, here goes: 


Day 1:

1. 112

2. 126541 

3. 2/3 

4. 4.8

5. 1739 


Day 2:

1. 85731

2. 168

3. 12 

4. 8/7 or 1 1/7

5. 529 


Day 3:

1. 7/5 or 1 2/5

2. 54

3. 19751

4. 1200

5. 1003


Day 4:

1. 15

2. 128

3. 3968

4. 210

5. 301


Day 5:

1. 0

2. 3420

3. 752

4. 35

5. 23749