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Week beginning: 4th May


The Maths for this week commencing 4th May is to continue to work on any of the Maths booklets that we sent home.


We also want you to complete Summer Term Week 3 (Fractions) work from White Rose. 


Here is the link to access the website:


Remember, you do not need to print off the sheets, you can just watch the video clips, click on the related work sheet and then write your answers etc. on to any piece of paper (don't waste time copying the question out).

Date it as you would do in school and then keep it together.

Don't worry if there are things you don't fully understand or get stuck with, we will be going over these topics with you again when we return to school.


Fluent in Five & Rapid Reasoning

Attached below is this weeks fluent in five & rapid reasoning these do not need printing off, please try to answer all of the questions if there is an area that you are continuously finding difficult then please email us and we can see if we can help but do no worry as we will be looking at things again once we are back in school.