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Please follow this link to continue accessing the White Rose Website and choose the Summer Term Week 3 lessons. Each day complete 1 lesson by watching the video and completing the activity, don't worry, you don't have to print the activity, it can just be completed on a piece of paper.


White Rose have developed a new 'one off' Summer Term Curriculum to best help the children during this time and prepare them for their next year of school, so please follow this to ensure they are prepared for when we return to school. 

In addition to the White Rose lesson, we would like you to play on prodigy each day.


BBC Bitesize have now partnered with White Rose, therefore the daily maths lessons provided on the BBC Bitesize will line up with the White Rose website. This means you will have 2 video choices and further activities to choose from to help you understand what is being taught that week! To access BBC Bitesize click on the following link:


You can also find this week's Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning below, just as we did in school, try to complete one of each every day. Remember, you only have 5 minutes to complete each so try to time yourself to keep up your speed! 


If you would like some further reasoning challenges for each lesson you will find these documents attached below as well as some extra teaching powerpoints if the White Rose video is not enough. 


Keep up the hard work Red Squirrels and if you need anything I'm only an email away! 



I have checked the answers for this week's Fluent in Five and there are a couple of mistakes again;


Day 1, question 2 = 772,588


Day 2, question 1 = 287


Day 5, question 3 = 568r2