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* Remember, the White Rose lessons that you have been following will still be available, but the worksheets that go alongside the lesson will no longer be available for free. 


However, you can still access the Maths lessons available on BBC Bitesize. There are videos, interactive activities and there will be work sheets available- and answers will still be available! The lessons on Bitesize are in partnership with White Rose and therefore will be in line with what the children should be doing anyway.


As usual, you will find this week's Fluent in Five and Rapid Reasoning below. I know it can sometimes be tricky, but please try to stick to the five minute time limit. You can spend time afterwards discussing the problems! 


If you would like some further reasoning challenges for each lesson you will find these documents attached below.


Don't forget to keep practicing your times tables and playing on Prodigy- you have plenty to keep you busy!

     Well done to those who are keen to keep up their practise on Prodigy, you are doing really well! But it would be better to see some different children joining in!

Don't forget that Prodigy is helpful, supports what you have done in Maths and allows us to measure the progress you are making when you play! It is nearly always the same children every week that go on it, which is of course great, but it would definitely be even better to see some more of you playing- you don't need to spend hours on it, why don't you just try little ten minute blasts? If you have forgotten or lost your log in information, email me and I can let you know your username and password.

I look forward to seeing some more of you playing this week!


Keep up the hard work Dragonflies and if you need anything I'm only an email away!