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May Half Term

"The Summer Selfie Challenge!"


Happy Half-Term Everyone!


As this week would be May half-term, we won`t be setting you your daily Tapestry challenges like usual.

Instead we thought it would be a great opportunity to try something a little bit different...


So, we have created `The Summer Selfie Challenge` - a great end to our most recent travelling topic! There are 25 different summer selfies for you to take - be as creative as you can with your photos!! Upload your summer selfies to Tapestry or send them to us via email - I wonder if anyone can get all 25...!?


If we get lots of great summer selfies, I will create a little photo gallery on our home learning page for everybody to see!


Happy snapping!!


Miss Laskey & Mrs Brewster xx


The Summer Selfie Challenge!

As always there are some great activity ideas under the `Useful Websites` section of the home learning page!

Check these out if you haven`t already - lots to keep you busy!


Take care everybody!