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Today we would like the children to return to what they used on Monday before the lock down happened. Therefore we are re-introducing the new book: Pebble In My Pocket, which will be our focus text over the next coming weeks.


In this lesson, the objective is discussion based.  The children will need to work through the power point and discuss what different periods of time are and recognise the different periods of time our Earth has been through. Instructions are included in the power point. If you would like to make notes this would be useful as we are working towards writing our non-chronological report. So the more information they can include the easier they will find it! 


I understand there has been a few issues opening the PowerPoint. It seems that the PowerPoint was too large to open! So I have split the information into 2 separate PowerPoints to find the information. Read through the first one then move onto the second one. 


Enjoy reading and finding out about the history of.....everything!!   

Lesson Instructions