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Walt: Investigating Soil Permeability


Using the pdf the first few pages are a questionnaire aimed at prior learning as the topic of ‘Rocks’ comes to an end. The pdf then moves on to matching images of matching rocks and soils just to recap and check your child's understanding. After this there is a short video to watch on BBC Bitesize.


The lesson then continues on to: what permeable actually means. Then your child will be asked to complete an investigation using the soil found outside in your garden or you can take samples if you go on a walk. Once you have your soil you are going to predict whether it is permeable, semi-permeable or impermeable?


Then using the resources and guidelines you are to complete your experiment and record your findings on the observational record sheet. Additional experiment instructions are added. If you do not have coffee filters you can use kitchen roll etc. We can’t wait to see what you discover!