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Welcome to Otters class page, there are 19 of us otterly fantastic children. Our class teacher is Miss Louden. We are in for an exciting and busy year, so please keep an eye on the class page for updates!


Hello everyone,

Some of you have been sending in pictures of what you have been up to whilst not at school which has been brilliant - thank you.

These are included on this page so your friends can see what you've been up to.

Thank you and keep them coming in.

Hi Year 6

Hope you are doing ok. You should all have received your working from home packs at the end of last week.

Please remember to use your Espresso link and have a look at the WW2 section on there.

There is also the site which has 5 live sessions for you to have a try on.

You have also been reminded of your Prodigy passwords so that you can continue to improve your Maths skills.

If you cannot find or remember your Usernames or Passwords, you can email the Year 6 staff and we will send it to you.

Keep looking for extra updates and ideas of activities for you to do.

Keep safe everyone,

Miss Devlin

To email the Year 6 staff:


If we do not respond straight away, please keep checking as we hope to reply to you as soon as possible.

Please find below an outline of the work we have provided and our expectations for you whilst you are unable to come into school.

Each day:

  • An hour of Maths
  • An hour of English (SPAG or Reading)
  • Half an hour of reading (any reading material of your choice - record in your diary)
  • An hour of Topic work
  • Half an hour on Prodigy and/or SPAG .com

Please do not go and do everything in one go. Spread the work out and do it from a variety of books. Eg. If you do some reading work from the SAT Survival Guide on one day, do a page or two from the Rising Stars book the next day.

New tasks will be released on weekly.

For your topic work, please do some personal research on Homes in WW2 compared to today and School life in WW2 compared to today. Present your work however you like - report with pictures and information, PowerPoint Presentation etc.

Also, take the time to widen your interests and develop your skills in other areas. Why not try sketching or painting what you can see from your bedroom window, try and identify which different birds are visiting your garden, make something from recycled materials, learn to sew, knit or play chess.

Overall, keep yourself busy with things that interest you and keep your mind active. Listen to advice and keep yourselves well.

Best wishes,

The Year 6 Team

Please find below the information discussed at last night's SAT meeting.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns about SATs, please come in and speak to one of the Year 6 team.


Spring Term


Gosh! What an unusual time we find ourselves in, before school was closed, Otters had been doing some brilliant learning. We had our exciting launch to our WW2 topic where the children learnt lots of exciting new things, such as, rationing, being an evacuee, the dances that they did and artefacts from WW2.


We also had World Book Day, the children put a fantastic effort in with their outfits, I loved them all! The children took part in a variety of activities on WBD, including trying to persuade the Crayons to come back! 


We had an exciting afternoon filled with Science experiments, where my classroom became very messy! However, the children absolutely loved it they all particularly enjoyed making the slime! 


Also, we set a homework to do with WW2, we managed to look at a few of these before school closed and I must say I was very impressed! Thank you Otters & parents for putting so much effort into these. 


Below are some photos of all we've been put up to before school closed. Enjoy :) 

Autumn Term

Otters have made a brilliant start to the year. We have begun our Ancient Greeks topic, we kick started this with an afternoon of Greek food tasting. The children tried: pitta, houmous, tzatiki, feta, halloumi, olives, yoghurt and figs. They were all brilliant and at least tried the foods, many of them didn't like the olives! 


In English, we are focusing on Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief which the children are loving, all of our pieces of writing up till Christmas will be based on this film.


Our Guided Reading book is Who Let The Gods Out? The children are already enjoying this book and can't wait to read more, make sure you ask them about it as I'm sure they would love to tell you about it. 


In Art, we used our colour mixing skills to create a faded background in which the children are going to stick a Greek God on, to make it pop out, we will upload pictures once we are finished! 


PE - We have started Hockey and we have also started practicing our Greek dancing, keep an eye out for a video in the near future when we have perfected the Greek dancing. 


As you can see, we have already made a busy yet exciting start to the year, keep an eye on the class page for further updates and pictures. 

Burbage Valley


What an exciting start to the year we had! We got to go to Burbage Valley for a day of exciting activities! We got to go rock climbing, which all of the children tried and they were brilliant at. We also tried scrambling which meant climbing over lots of rocks and into some small spaces which again the children loved. 


Burbage Valley

Take Care Champions


As you are aware, we are a Take Care school and we were working hard at being Take Care pupils. Every Friday, we have a Take Care assembly in which our newest Take Care champion is announced, please pop in to the KS1 hall to look at your child's work. 


Otters Take Care Champions

Week 1 - Whole class for having a brilliant attitude towards our trip to Burbage Valley. 

Week 2 - Ben for some fantastic descriptive writing in English. 

Week 3 - Amy for brilliant rounding work in Maths. 

Week 4 - Stephanie for beautiful presentation on her work on lines of latitude and longitude. 



School Councillors


Excitingly, we have elected Otters school councillors for the year. They will be very busy this year working with the other councillors and Mrs Martin, keep an eye out to see what changes they make! 


Otters councillor is: Zak Virden. 

Otters deputy councillor is: Amy Wilkinson. 

Autumn overview