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Otters - Yr 6


Welcome to Otters! Miss Louden is excited to have some of her old Otters back and some new ones!There are 17 of us in Otters and our teacher is Miss Louden. We are all excited for the year ahead! Keep checking back on our page to see what we get up to! 



Spring Term


I can't quite believe it, but we are almost half way through the year already - where does the time go?

As usual, we are keeping the children busy. They are continuing to work really hard and are showing more resilience and determination to succeed in all they attempt. 


This term is the busy lead up to SATs. We hope you found the recent SAT meeting helpful and it answered any questions you and you children might have had. If there is something we did not cover then please do come in and speak to one of the members of the Year 6 team.  A copy of the information letter given out at the meeting has been added to our class page.


Our main topics this term are as follows:

History and Geography - The World at War - which covers the crisis in Syria and World War Two.

Science - Keeping ourselves Healthy with a special focus on the heart and some dissections going on!!

ICT - Creating PowerPoint presentations and Coding

RE - Exploring the Muslim Faith

PE - Pop Lacrosse

Art - Using pencil and paper, line

Take Care Homework - WW2. What a brilliant effort made by Otters!

World Book Day - brilliant costume ideas from Otters!

SAT meeting information letter



Just a little reminder that the children are all signed up to an online Maths skills practise app - Prodigy.

It is a really great site which allows the children to practise both old and new skills in a child friendly game. We do plan in some time for the children to access this throughout the school week but it would also be beneficial for them to play it at home too. The sky is the limit on this game, it changes to meet the needs and achievements of the children as they play each section. is an online practise / revision tool for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. The children are asked to log on and complete tests or part tests that have been made 'live'. Again, a certain amount of time is set aside within school for them to attempt these but sometimes they made need to be completed at home. At other times, they may be set as a homework task. It is really important that the children complete the ones set as they are analysed and highlight any key areas that the children require extra work on. This may be done as a group or, in certain cases, as individuals. When a test has been set for homework, your child will be informed of this.


School Council

Last week we elected our school councillors. Our school councillor is Megan Blake and our deputy councillor is Jess Robinson. Congratulations to you both. We look forward to hearing about the changes that you make to the school. 





What a fantastic effort that Otters put in to their Take Care project. We had such a fantastic range of homework: a brilliant quiz, Greek menu and even some sewn kebabs and pitta bread! Miss Louden can't wait to see what Otters get up to with their next Take Care project. 



Greek Vases


We have been so busy creating our Greek vases. We did two versions, we painted one and we use chalk for another one of them. We designed our own patterns to go on the vases but made sure they were similar to the Greek patterns that we had researched previously. Have a look at some of our Greek vases below. 

Greek Gods


We have done lots of work on Greek Gods, researching them and we are currently in the process of creating a fact file about the Greek Gods. In our book 'Who Let the Gods Out?' we have met Zeus and Hermes and have created character descriptions of these. We are now using these Gods to begin our research. We did some Art work around Greek Gods, where we painted a piece of paper using our colour mixing skills and then glued a God on to it to make the God POP out.