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Hello everyone

This week's lesson is about stress! I think we all felt a little stressed this morning, when we heard the news that we were having to go home for 14 days- but we all coped really well and were calm and sensible.


Watch the video below and then watch the PPT


Can you think of a time when you felt a negative emotion like worry, anger or fear?

Sometimes our minds get so full of emotions , we struggle to control them  - this is called stress. It can make you want to shout, scream , lose your temper or for others it might make you want to cry or be quiet. We are all different.


  • Write the word stress in the middle of your page and draw a mind map of all the different ways you can help cope with stress. Maybe you could go for a walk, talk to your friend, write a diary,  get some exercise or go for a bath. 
  • Complete the comic strip about a story of a time that you felt stressed and what you did to make yourself feel better.