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What is kindness?

  •  What does it mean to be friendly? Can you think of a time when someone was friendly to you and it made a difference ?
  • What does it mean to be generous? Can we be generous in ways that don’t involve money? (for example being generous with your time)
  • Think about how we all have opportunities to be kind every single day, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny.
  • Can you think of any examples? (Examples could be just saying thank you to people who help you, asking someone if they would like to play, smiling at people, spending time talking instead of staring at a screen.


                                                    Read the story of the Star Thrower.

It tells us that every bit of kindness  - however small - makes a difference.

Look at the video clips about of stories about kindness.


You have a couple of tasks to do this week involving kindness:

  • Can you write a short story about ‘Every little bit of kindness, however small, makes a difference!’
  • Choose four kind things you could do this week and write them in the starfish.
  • Perhaps you could colour and decorate the kind notes (or make some of your own) and hide them around your house for your family to discover and give them a lovely surprise!