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Staying Safe Online.

The internet is amazing when used safely and correctly.

This week we are going to learn some tips from the 'Click, clever, click, safe' campaign that tells us how to use the internet safely.

Watch the Internet Safety powerpoint


Sharing photos with family and friends is a great way to connect and keep in touch.

We need to make sure that we’re keeping ourselves and others safe and that we’re being kind and respectful.

We should always remember to think before we share where photos can be shared?

How can we keep ourselves safe when posting photos?


Once a photo is posted online it can be copied (using a screenshot) and sent on to others. 

Photos can be “geotagged” meaning that the exact location of the photo will be recorded and could be shared with others. 

You should not reveal anything personal or private about themselves in the photo or in the caption.


Click on the Picture Wise activity, below, then follow the instructions to help you decide if it is ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ to share the image.

Your task is to write a top tips safety leaflet for Internet Safety