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This week we are learning about what makes up a healthy lifestyle.

Watch the Powerpoint to remind you about healthy living.

Look at the below to find out just how much exercise is needed at your age. Are you getting enough?


Look at picture of the ‘Eat well plate’ and all the different food types – do you think you are getting a balanced diet?


Harold and his friends are staying at The Scarf Hotel and are planning what they are going to do there. The Hotel has fitness and leisure facilities for all its guuests. The aim of the SCARF Hotel is to make all its guests comfortable, happy, fit and healthy.


Design the SCARF Hotel's advertising brochure; Harold and his friends will choose activities they are going to do from this brochure.


What things will be there so that guests can exercise? [e.g: swimming pool, gym, tennis courts etc.]

How will guests be able to get a good night’s sleep there? [e.g: comfortable beds, restrictions on noise]

What are the other things guests can do to relax? [e.g: quiet areas both indoors and outdoors where guests can go by themselves or with friends to get away from it all, a library room where guests can go to read quietly from a selection of different books and magazines]

Where are the places that guests can meet other people [e.g: a lounge area with comfortable seating]

What will be on the menu so that everyone can choose a suitable balanced healthy diet?