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Rabbits - Yr 1



There are 29 remarkable rabbits in our class. Our teacher is Miss Stokes and we are supported by Mrs Barker and Mrs Parker. Please take some time to have a look around our web page and see all of the exciting things that we have done. 


Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday so please make sure PE kits are in school for these days. PE kits should be labelled and consist of a white t-shirt, black shorts and plimsolls or trainers. For outdoor PE your child can wear black jogging bottoms. 


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to pop in and ask a member of the Year One team. Teachers will be outside their classrooms from 8:40 am every morning until the bell rings at 8:45 am. 


The Daily Mile

As a school we are now taking part in the Daily Mile. During the Daily Mile children, and teachers, work as hard as they can to run or walk a mile in 15 minutes. The children have had great fun beating their own personal best. The aim of the daily mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental health and well being of our children.


"I believe The Daily Mile will have a huge impact on young people's lives, helping children across the UK to be fitter, healthier and happier. I'm delighted to be supporting The Daily Mile, and hope that every child has the opportunity to take part in this fantastic initiative."

Colin Jackson, Olympic 110m hurdles Medalist


School Council

As a class we elected our two school councillors. Our school councillor is Tilly and our deputy councillor is Shea. Congratulations to you both. We look forward to hearing about the changes that you make to the school.

Paws, Claws and Whiskers


Our final topic of the year is Paws, Claws and Whiskers. 


Soft fur, sharp claw and twitching whisker... What's your favourite animal? One that meows? One that barks? Or maybe one that scurries or slithers?


From pets at home to animals in the zoo, let's find out what animals like to eat and where they like to sleep. Do you know how to look after a rabbit? a cat? or even a snake?


This half term we have an exciting trip planned as well as Sport's Day. 





Rio de Vida


Hot, hot, hot! Dancing feet, step to the samba beat! Shake it, shimmy, hands in the air, wave your flags in the cool night air. 


Come join the party down in Rio, Brazil!


Enchanted Woodland


This half term our topic will be Enchanted Woodland. Throughout this topic we will be looking at different types of tress and flowers as well as looking at fairies and pixies. Deciduous or evergreen? What can you find? Can you match a leaf to its tree? Can you match a petal to its flower?


Foxes and badgers, voles and mice, beady-eye owls swaying in the tree tops. Beneath the leaves are tiny foot prints... Animal or imp? You decide!


We are looking forward to seeing your Take Care projects that we set you over the half term. Pictures of projects are to follow as they are bought in. 


We have some exciting things happening at school this half term. World Book Day on the 7th March, School Disco on the 14th March and Easter Bingo on the 2nd April.



Bright Lights, Big City


Put on your best clothes because you are invited to have tea with the Queen. Use your best manners and comb your hair, as one will not be amused if you don't! What do you know about England's capital city? Let's find out all about London, including its history, transport and landmarks. Step back in time and discover what happened in the Great Fire of London. Are you ready for the bright lights of the big city? Hop in a black cab and ... enjoy the ride!


This half term we will be learning lots about London in the present and the past. We will have lots of fun meeting the Queen and baking bread.




Moon Zoom!


CRASH! BANG! WHIZZ!! What was that? Can you see the puff of smoke coming from the playground? Let's go and take a look. Stand back everyone - it looks like a UFO has crash-landed!


Would you like to be an astronaut? You'll need a pretty sturdy spacecraft if you do. Find out all the names of the planets. There's Mercury, Venus, Neptune.... What are the rest of them called?


So far this half term we have had lots of fun reading Beegu and The Man on the Moon. To kick start this topic we found an alien space ship that had crashed on the school field. We went around school and asked different teachers what they saw and heard. One teacher said they heard a loud bang and saw a huge puff of smoke. Where are the aliens now? This half term we have also raised money for Children in Need and are now getting ready for Christmas. Come and join us for our Christmas Craft afternoon on Friday 14th December and our Christmas Carol Service on Wednesday 19th December.


Dinosaur Planet


Our first topic in Year One is dinosaur planet. Imagine you are a palaeontologist (a scientist who studies bones and fossils). Dig deep and explore dazzling dinosaur facts. What is your favourite dinosaur? Is it the T-Rex or perhaps the Triceratops? 





The dinosaurs are on the prowl-- Watch out everyone!




Dinosaur Hunt

Today we went on a dinosaur hunt. We found some HUGE footprints and followed them. We found lots of different dinosaurs on the way. The footprints led to The Hub garden. We had to tip-toe into the garden and there we found some more footprints and a dinosaur egg!