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Life is a journey

This week we are looking at the journey we will be taking through life. Christians, Jewish people and Hindus will sometimes have ceremonies to mark special occasions in their lives.

Can you think of some of the important events and experiences that have happened to you so far in your life? 

 Being born, starting playgroup/ primary school, learning to ride a bike, winning a competition, a new brother or sister is born, the arrival of Covid 19.

Look at the picture of the journey below.

Pick a route: Notice the starting point – the baby in the pram leaving the hospital. The baby is setting
out on her life journey. If you could choose the route for her – where would she go?What would you include and what would you avoid? Why have you picked this route? 

Choose some events of the important events that have happened in your life so far and think of some of the milestones that might happen in the future.

Watch the Powerpoint

Record your journey as a picture, either using the sheets or design your own.