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Life is a journey

We loved your 'life journey' pictures last week and we found out lots of new and interesting facts about you all!

Continuing our journey work, this week we are going to focus on the special ceremony, that Christians believe welcomes a child into the church.

Watch the video clips and PowerPoints below that explain what happens at a christening.


Task 1 -Complete the sheet about the artefacts and symbols used in baptism.




Godparents are usually chosen because they are special friends with the parents or they are a family member. They are among the most important people at a christening, they have to make some promises too.

Some of their promises could be:


Make time to talk to the child and answer their questions.

Be a great role model to them throughout their life.

Pray for the child through the ups and downs of their life journey.

Show them how to make good choices in life.

Help them to learn more about the Christian faith. 


Can you think of any other promises they could make?

It might be something really simple.


Task 2

Can you design a Wanted poster for the perfect godparent?

What qualities would they would have?